Friday, December 6, 2013


Having seen Trekkies just afterward, Fanboys went from being just another mediocre comedy with a silly plot to a mediocre comedy with an almost believable plot.  The story is about four friends who travel cross country to break into Skywalker Ranch and watch the new Star Wars movie before it comes out.  The only reason they go is because one of them has cancer and they want to have a memorable trip for him, so off they went.  Of course, they only reason they went is because they are massive Star Wars fanatics, and they couldn't wait for the movie to open normally.  Even though this movie is a work of fiction, people who are super fans of things like Star Wars of Star Trek would totally do something like this, especially if they had nothing to lose.  If nothing else, this movie was made in favor of those super fans.  There was never a scene where you get the impression that the movie was making fun of or looking down on those people.  Even the Star Trek people that chased everyone around the casino seemed completely normal after seeing Trekkies.  Also, because Fanboys isn't really a science fiction movie like the rest we've seen, it was able to avoid the common cliches that many other films have.  However, it embraces the tropes common in other genres of movies.  There's the predictable ending, predictable character death, obligatory bad guys showing up at the perfect time, and annoying older brothers.  Despite the predicable plot, the movie could have done a decent job of respecting the real super fans out there if it wasn't for the terrible humor and jokes.  Whoever wrote the dialogue was either trying way to hard to get a laugh, or had no idea what actually made people laugh.  This movie could have been so much better if it was shot like a mockumentary rather than a straight up comedy, because the comedy part doesn't work.  The cringe worthy humor does nothing to relate to actual super fans and their passions.

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